What I Offer

While achievements are important in indicating what has been done in the past, it is beneficial to understand what I can do for your organization now.

Company conditions and priorities will be used to establish specific action plans.  The described 90-day approach is adaptable.

Distinctive Competencies:

Resourceful, agile leader with powerful relationship-building skills and strengths in vision, strategy, and execution.  Comfortable with complexity and ambiguity.

  • Makes fresh connections to solve difficult challenges–completes projects others thought were “impossible.” Example:  Launch of a national multi-track, multi-channel six-month new hire program in two months with waiting lists for attendees after first cycle completion.


  • Delivers effective performance results in new situations through high employee engagement and credibility with stakeholders–scores consistently over 4.5 in dimensions of Q12.


  • Manages successful learning and organizational development function start-ups and reorganizations with record speed, using proven change management techniques incorporating behavioral economics.


  • Increases training operations efficiency by over 50% and increases sales and customer service numbers by at least 10% within first six months.


  • Develops employee and leadership training programs in-house, reducing vendor costs while increasing competitive advantage through consistency of messages.


  • Focuses on maximization of in-house technologies.  Purchase decisions for authorware, assessment tools, or Learning Management Systems guided by business demands, rate-of-return, and scalability.

First 90 Days–Action Plan

Strategy Analysis